Saturday, April 12, 2008

Put Your Big Hard Cock In My Mouth

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Would you do Suzy?
Pound me into oblivion
Put your big, hard cock in my mouth
baby let's make out ;)
mayb if im drunk..
ummm no way.
party with her at The Lounge!

Would you do Rachel?
Fondle Me? 0.0
No Sex. But Damn Gurl You Fione.
Gimme a Smile :D
Oh God No.
party with her at The Lounge!

Would you do Melissa?
Heck Yes!! I wanna [censored] ..
Only second base! Yes.
Only first base! (Make Out)
Maybe if im drunk.
Eww stay away!
party with her at The Lounge!

Would you do Erin?
Heck Yes!! I wanna [censored] ..
yeahh, sure..why not?
Sounds fun
Get me drunk, maybe?
Got any hot friends?
party with her at The Lounge!

Would you do Daniela?
tell me when and where BABY!!
just a kisses nd cuddles
if ur buyin drinks y not
id rather fuk my brother or my dog
party with her at The Lounge!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Meet The Vagina: How To Finger Yourself

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Q: which hole do you put it in?

A: When we discuss how to finger a girl, we are usually talking about the vagina for insertion. There is a lot more to fingering than just shoving fingers though. There will be a lot of technique that revolves around the clitoris and other sensitive areas in and around the vagina. See Meet The Vagina for a diagram of many of the female erogenous zones.

how to finger a girl? Is it normal to lick your fingers after fingering?

Q: During sex…my boyfriend after fingering me I saw him sucking his finger like it was something tasty. He also tried leading my hand so that I can masturbate myself and he himself but I didn’t do it because it seemed weird to me. Is that a weird thing to do? Fingering the girl and suck it?

A: This is a normal thing to do. Your boyfriend probably likes your taste because it's yours and it turns him on. It's also ok to masturbate in front of your boyfriend and to watch him as well, it sounds like he's just into a wide range of sexual activity. I say try out new things, it keeps things interesting and you might find some things you would have never guessed you'd like!

Will my girl get loose?
how to finger a girl
Q: can i make my girlfriends vagina un-tight if i finger it too much? she's 16 and i finger her like 1-3 times every 2 weeks, but not always.

A: Fingering can cause the vagina to loosen, but it's more likely to happen from years of sex than a few fingering sessions. The vagina is designed to accommodate a baby passing through it and then return to normal size, so a finger or two is less of a concern.

The short answer is: don't worry about it, finger away.

The longer answer: It will take a really long time to notice any difference in tightnessd, but a goo practice to get into is "kegel exercises". This is when the girl tightens and releases the muscles in the vagina on a regular basis to make them stronger and keep them tight.

How To Finger A Girl: How To Finger Yourself
how to finger a girl. You want to know how to finger a girl, but what if that girl you want to finger is yourself? This article is for you.

Step one would be to familiarize yourself with your vagina. See our past entry Meet The Vagina for a detailed diagram. Grab a small mirror, lock the door, and take a look at what you got going on downstairs.

Here are some tips from

1. Get yourself in the mood for masturbation.
Relax as much as you can.Take a warm bath or have a glass of wine. Ensure your privacy: turn off the phone, lock the door, send the kids to a neighbor's. Find a comfy position. Most women start out lying on their backs, legs bent and spread apart, with feet on the ground. Remove most or all of your clothing.
2. Fantasize for masturbation.
Recall an exciting past sexual encounter or elaborate on a favorite sexual fantasy. If you need a boost, look at a sexy magazine, read an erotic story, or watch an adult video. Allow your mind to explore any images--anything goes as long as it heightens your excitement.
3. Explore all parts of your body.
Run your hands along parts of your body, lingering along areas that are more responsive to touch than others. Look at your genitals in a mirror (especially if you're unfamiliar with them) and caress the different parts to see what feels especially good. Find and touch your inner and outer labia, your clitoris, your vagina and your perineum.
4. Touch yourself.
Using one or two fingers, rhythmically stroke the different parts of your vulva, paying particular attention to your clitoris and labia. Experiment with different types of pressure, speed and motion. Try placing a finger on either side of the clitoris and stroking up and down, or placing two fingers on the clitoral hood and rubbing in a circular motion.
5. Experiment.
Try different types of touch: stroke, tickle, knead, pinch, or lightly pull your genitals. Try using one or several fingers, the palm of your hand, even your knuckles.
6. Build up excitement.
Learn to hold onto sexual excitement by building up and then reducing or temporarily stopping the stimulation. Pay attention to how your body is responding. It will tell you the particular stroke that feels best and when to pick up or slow down the tempo.
7. Breathe and rock.
Breathe deeply rather than hold your breath. This helps release the sexual energy, rather than fight it. Rock your pelvis as you would during intercourse. Rhythmically clench and release your PC muscle (using a dildo for vaginal penetration can help).
8. Getting over the top.
If your hand gets tired, give yourself a rest, switch hands, or try a vibrator. If you're on the brink of orgasm, but can't quite get over the hump, try altering you’re breathing, or focusing on a really hot fantasy. Give yourself extra stimulation: caress your nipples, or try also thrusting your other fingers or a dildo in and out of your vagina.
9. Ride the Wave.
As you begin to orgasm, continue the stimulation through the orgasm. Lighten up on the stimulation during the first extremely sensitive moments but keep it going to enjoy those little pleasurable aftershocks. Your first orgasm may feel like a blip or a blast, but the more you practice, the more variety you will experience.
10. Practice makes for perfect masturbation.
Don't worry if you don't come on your first try, keep practicing, or try some of the variations below.